Can I Give My Dog 2 Apoquel a Day?: Dosage Safety Guide

It is critical to follow your veterinarian’s prescription for Apoquel dosing. Typically, dogs should not take more than one tablet of Apoquel twice daily.

Apoquel (oclacitinib tablet) is an FDA-approved medication designed to provide relief from allergic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis in dogs. Dog owners seeking to alleviate their pet’s itching and inflammation must understand the importance of the correct dosage. Over-medicating can lead to potential side effects and health complications, which is why adhering to professional advice is paramount.

Each dog has unique health needs, and the Apoquel dosage may vary depending on the dog’s weight and condition. Your vet will establish the appropriate treatment regimen, ensuring your dog’s safety and well-being. Remember, maintaining an open dialogue with your veterinarian and reporting any health changes can help optimize your dog’s treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

Apoquel For Dogs: The Basics

Apoquel is a medicine made just for dogs with allergies. It is a small pill that dogs can take. It helps stop dogs from feeling itchy because of their allergies. Vets give Apoquel to many dogs with skin problems. Your dog can feel better with this medicine.

This pill works by controlling how immune cells behave. Immune cells try to protect the body. Sometimes, they work too much and cause allergies. Apoquel tells these cells to calm down. This way, your dog feels less itchy and more comfortable.

Determining The Right Dosage

Apoquel is a medication prescribed to manage itching and inflammation in dogs. The dosage for your pet can depend on various factors. Your dog’s weight plays a crucial role in this. A vet must consider possible health conditions as well. The correct dose may also reflect the severity of your dog’s symptoms.

Dogs often start with a higher dose, for a short period. Following this, vets lower the dose for ongoing treatment. It’s important to follow a vet’s advice closely. Do not give more Apoquel without a vet’s consent.

Additional rows would be added for other weight ranges

Weight of Dog Initial Dosage (twice daily) Maintenance Dosage (once daily)
6.6-9.9 lbs 0.4 mg 0.4 mg
10-14.9 lbs 0.8 mg 0.8 mg
15-19.9 lbs 1.2 mg 1.2 mg

The Debate: Is Twice-daily Safe?

Veterinarians often prescribe Apoquel once daily for dogs with allergies. Some dog parents wonder, “Can I give my dog 2 Apoquel a day?” It’s critical to follow a vet’s guidance. They understand your dog’s health best. Doubling the dose without consulting can be dangerous. Your pet’s weight, age, and health status matter for the right dose.

Giving your dog too much Apoquel might lead to health issues. Side effects like vomiting or diarrhea are possible. It is worth noting that overdosing can cause more harm than good. When a vet prescribes a medication, they consider risks and benefits. Trust their advice for a safe and effective treatment plan.

Monitoring Your Dog’s Response

Monitoring how your dog reacts to Apoquel is key. You may notice your dog’s itching reduces significantly. Their skin can seem healthier with less redness and irritation. This change is a sign that the medication is working well. Be sure to keep an eye out for consistent improvements over time.

Adverse reactions require immediate attention. These might include vomiting, diarrhea, or appetite loss. Lethargy or abnormal behavior are also red flags. Monitor your dog closely and contact the vet if any of these occur. It’s crucial to ensure your dog’s safety and health.

Alternatives And Complementary Treatments

Dogs may react differently to medications depending on their health. Consulting a vet before changing a dog’s medication plan is key. Natural alternatives, like quercetin, can supplement traditional treatments. Quercetin, dubbed “nature’s Benadryl”, helps fight allergies.

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oil, also reduce inflammation in pets. Probiotics support a healthy gut, potentially lessening allergic reactions. Herbs such as nettle or licorice may benefit some dogs. Always discuss with a vet before starting any new treatments. Combination of treatments should be safe and effective. Balance is crucial: It ensures no interactions occur between different remedies.

Talking To Your Vet

Consulting your vet is crucial before changing your dog’s medication routine. Ask questions to ensure safe and effective Apoquel usage. Before considering a double dose for your dog, discuss the following:

  • Individual dog’s health: Understand risks and side effects.
  • Specific symptoms your dog experiences: Ensure proper medication.
  • Apoquel’s interaction with other medications: Know all possible outcomes.
  • Dog’s daily routine: Exercise and diet can affect medication need.
  • Follow-up appointments: Track your dog’s progress with the vet.

Remember, every dog differs, and dosage needs can vary. Your vet’s guidance ensures your dog’s health and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can I Give My Dog 2 Apoquel A Day

Is Apoquel Safe For Daily Canine Administration?

Apoquel is generally safe for daily use in dogs prescribed by a vet. However, dosing guidelines must be followed to avoid potential side effects or complications.

Can Dogs Take Multiple Apoquel Doses Per Day?

Administering multiple doses of Apoquel per day should only be done under veterinary guidance. Typically, the dose is one tablet per day, but vets may adjust based on specific cases.

What Are The Side Effects Of Apoquel In Dogs?

Side effects of Apoquel may include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and appetite loss. Notify your vet immediately if you notice any unusual symptoms after administration.

How Does Apoquel Dosage Vary By Dog Size?

Apoquel dosage is determined by the dog’s weight. Your vet will prescribe the appropriate dosage, ensuring it’s both safe and effective for your dog’s size and health condition.


Determining the correct dosage of Apoquel for your dog is key. Always consult with your vet before altering medication schedules. Doubling up on Apoquel without professional advice could harm your pet. Stay informed, stay safe, and prioritize your dog’s health for a happy, itch-free life.

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