What to Do With Dog When Traveling

What to Do With Dog When Traveling

Traveling with a furry friend can be a great experience, but it also requires careful planning to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog. In some cases, it may not be feasible to bring your dog along, and you may need to find alternative accommodations. Here, we discuss various options and tips for what to do with your dog when traveling.

1. Taking Your Dog With You

If you decide to take your dog with you on your travels, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for both you and your pet.

Choosing Pet-friendly Accommodations

When planning your trip, look for pet-friendly accommodations such as hotels, vacation rentals, or campgrounds that welcome dogs. Prior to booking, confirm their pet policy, additional fees, and available amenities for pets.

Preparing Your Dog For Travel

Prior to the trip, ensure that your dog is up to date on vaccinations and has a sturdy collar with identification tags. It’s also essential to pack your dog’s familiar bedding, favorite toys, food, water, and any medication they may need while away from home.

Comfort During Travel

While traveling, make sure your dog is comfortable and safe. Use a secure and well-ventilated pet carrier if flying, or secure them with a harness in the back seat of the car. Frequent stops for bathroom breaks and exercise are essential during road trips.

What to Do With Dog When Traveling

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2. Finding a Trusted Caregiver

If bringing your dog along isn’t feasible, finding a trusted caregiver to look after your pet is crucial. Consider the following options:

Option Details
Professional Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker to visit your home and care for your dog. Ensure they are licensed, bonded, and have good references.
Boarding Kennel Research local boarding kennels that provide a safe and comfortable environment for dogs. Schedule a visit to inspect the facility.
Trusted Family Member or Friend Ask a trusted family member or friend to look after your dog. Provide them with detailed care instructions and emergency contact information.

3. Considerations for International Travel

Traveling abroad with your dog involves additional considerations such as securing the necessary documentation, including health certificates and vaccinations, and complying with the regulations of the destination country. It’s important to research and understand the specific requirements well in advance.

What to Do With Dog When Traveling

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4. Helpful Tips for Dog Owners

Whether you’re traveling with your dog or leaving them in the care of others, consider the following tips:

  • Microchip your dog and ensure ID tags are up to date with current contact information.
  • Provide caregivers with your dog’s medical history, veterinarian’s contact details, and any behavioral quirks or special needs.
  • Keep your dog’s diet consistent and provide ample instructions for feeding and any dietary restrictions.
  • Set up a regular check-in schedule with the caregiver to receive updates on your dog’s well-being and to address any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What To Do With Dog When Traveling

What Should I Do With My Dog When Traveling?

When traveling, you have a few options for your dog. You can leave them with a trusted friend or hire a pet sitter. Alternatively, you can board them at a reputable kennel or use a pet hotel. Make sure to choose the option that suits your dog’s needs and ensures their safety and well-being.

Can I Bring My Dog With Me When I Travel?

Yes, you can bring your dog with you when you travel, but it depends on various factors. Check the travel regulations of your destination, as some places have restrictions or require specific documentation. Additionally, make sure your dog is comfortable and well-behaved during the journey.

How Can I Make Travel Less Stressful For My Dog?

To make travel less stressful for your dog, start by crate training them and gradually get them used to new environments. Use calming aids like pheromone sprays or stress-relief supplements. Keep their routine as consistent as possible, and ensure they have familiar items like toys or blankets with them.

Finally, consult your vet for any additional advice or medication.

Are There Any Pet-friendly Accommodations Available For Travelers?

Yes, many accommodations nowadays are pet-friendly. From hotels to vacation rentals, you can find numerous options that welcome pets. However, it’s important to check their pet policies in advance, including any size or breed restrictions, additional fees, and necessary arrangements to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your furry friend.


Traveling with a dog requires thoughtful planning and consideration for your pet’s well-being. Whether you choose to bring your dog along or find a suitable caregiver, ensuring their safety, comfort, and happiness is paramount. By following the tips outlined above, you can make informed decisions and ensure a positive experience for both you and your cherished furry companion.

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